Miles Davis – It Never Entered My Mind

The deeply enjoyable and elegant documentary Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool is out in selected cinemas right now, directed by the great Stanley Nelson. You can find where it’s on here. and it will be on BBC2 later this year. But it’s worth seeing in cinemas for the great sound system because the music is just wonderful, augmented by stories behind some of the greatest jazz groups and albums ever made as well as footage and photography of Miles himself, one of the coolest (and sometimes cruellest) men to have strutted the 20th century. There’s so much gorgeous playing in the film but, out of all his phases and phrases, I’ve had to go for the tune which accompanies my favourite sequence in the movie, a section which discusses the romance and style of Miles’ unique, sexy sound while he plays It Never Entered My Mind, from his 1956 recording Workin’ – it’s simply outstanding, as a piece of music, and as a slice of supreme jazz doc film-making.

For more details about the song, and the circumstances of its recording – and to listen to it, have a look at this blog.