There’s a remarkable true story at the heart of this film, about Richard Loving who married a black girl, Mildred, in Virginia in the 1950s.

The locals did not approve of an interracial union, and Richard was arrested and the couple hounded out of the county. Eventually, they ended up taking on the Supreme Court and changing the laws of America.

Director Jeff Nichols takes a gentle approach to what could be an angry tale of injustice. Joel Edgerton and the Oscar-nominated Ruth Negga also play it quiet, like they don’t want any fuss. It makes for a strange film that feels like it isn’t delivering the drama yet leaves you stunned and outraged.

It’s a film about unassuming folk. I can’t work out if it isn’t a bit patronising – there’s not much passion on the screen, and you keep feeling this should be a great love story, but it doesn’t play that way. I felt it could do with a bit more oomph, but then that would probably have unbalanced the subtleties of Nichols’ work and that of his actors, Negga in particular, who has to reveal most of her feeling through her amazing eyes.

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