Let The Sunshine In

Directed by Claire Denis, this anti rom-com stars a luminous Juliette Binoche as Isabelle, a Parisian artist in her 50s and desperately trying to find true love.

Of course, this proves elusive. Is it a dream, or something she can actually catch hold of? Being Binoche in a series of fetching décolleté jumpers and jackets, this Isabelle has no trouble finding men to sleep with her but they’re a rum bunch, mostly.

Denis doesn’t do jokes as such, nor cross-town chases for a tidy resolution, but she gets the vagaries of the heart and the waves of ecstasy just perfectly, summed up by the wispy blues of Etta James’ At Last. And Binoche is wonderful, shining with the inner light of the title, even when all around her is dim.

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