Late Night

Oh this is fine, I suppose. Nothing brilliant, but perfectly watchable, with Emma Thompson on strong form as the British host of a long-running American TV chat show now under threat from a new network boss.

I like films and shows about writer’s rooms (from Sorkin’s ill-fated Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, to Gus in the Netflix show Love, or 30 Rock) and this takes us into that world, with Mindy Kaling playing a new “diversity hire”, picked to shake up the room with a fresh, young, female, ethnic perspective.

There are some good lines and decent banter, but I couldn’t shake a lingering disappointment with it, despite both leads being interesting to watch and getting plenty of decent lines. It all felt a bit out-dated, like a script Kaling had lying around in her old computer and which she finally had the clout to get made. Nothing wrong with that but although it addresses feminism, tokenism, privilege and all sorts of workplace hot-button issues, I got the feeling we were skimming along the surface.