Insidious: Chapter 3

Confession: I never saw the first two offerings in this horror franchise, but Insidious: Chapter 3 (15) ** is a prequel set, as it says at the start, “Some years before the Lambert haunting”.

So I’m not exactly disqualified from commenting although, again, I readily confess this isn’t my favourite genre unless done really well, which it isn’t here.

Dermot Mulroney plays a struggling single dad whose daughter Quinn (Stefanie Scott) is pursued by a demon she accidentally raises while trying to contact her dead mother.

They enlist the help of Elise the retired psychic (Lin Shaye) and some geeky ghostbusters whom younger brother Alex finds on the internet.

It is all rather confused, spiritually and spectrally, as well as unoriginal in its frights, although suckers like me will still jump out of their skins several times then quietly curse themselves for falling for the same old tricks in the dark.