I Care A Lot 

Hiding her steely intent behind her sunglasses, Rosamund Pike stars as ruthless operator Marla who takes legal guardianship of helpless elderly people and, with the help of compliant doctors and lawyers, shoves them in America’s care home system.

It’s a great scam, until she choses Dianne Wiest’s retired business woman as her next victim and Marla suddenly finds herself with a worthy opponent, in the distinctive shape of Peter Dinklage, a man with Russian mafia connections.

Directed by Brit J Blakeson, whose debut The Disappearance of Alice Creed I always rated, gives us a glitzy ride, part dark comedy, part state of the nation all-American satire, part revenge thriller.

I can’t say it’s a perfect movie, and Marla and her girlfriend (played by Eiza Gonzalez in a slightly underwritten role) veer off the road in a few places, but the twists and turns make it always watchable, and Ros is dangerously attractive in parts like this, so you gawp at her, gawp at the nastiness of people (this is based on a true story, go figure), the grimness of greed and the vicious inhumanity of our systems.

I wanted a bit more of Dianne Wiest, really. I thought her story was the most interesting but it gets shoved aside for more thrills, which seems a shame. Nobody’s very nice in this hard-hearted world, which makes you wonder why you should care but, if you do, I Care A Lot is on Amazon Prime right now.