Guess Who?

Everyone loves a film quiz and there was an ongoing one every time a film screened at Venice, in the form of the new, animated festival ‘sting’ that played as audiences settled into their seats. In what was easily the most-watched film of Venezia 74, classic characters and movie moments unfurled, quite quickly (30 seconds), in an impressionistic montage, leaving even hardened cinephiles guessing which films were being referenced.

Some were easy: Taxi Driver, 2001, LaLa Land, The Wizard of Oz, The Birds, The Great Dictator, Singin’ in the Rain but others left me scratching my stubble. Determined, I tracked down the creators, Artemio Croatto of Designwork and director Tomas Marcuzzi (knows as Uolli). The ones I’d missed were Dear Diary (by Nanni Moretti), de Sica’s Miracle in Milan, The White Sheik (Fellini), Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday and The House of Flying Daggers (I thought it might be Crouching Tiger…). The original music is by Dario Moroldo, and I shall miss it. 

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