Q&As, Panels and Live Events

I’m always thrilled by live events. As cinema-going is increasingly under threat, they’re a brilliant way of adding a special dimension to a night out at the pictures, giving audiences something they just can’t get at home.

So if you’re looking for a host for your post-screening QnA with the biggest stars or the newest talents, you’re in the right place. Together, we can really boost the reputation of your cinema or your movie, and directors, actors and producers can make sure their film gets off to the very best start.

My live presenting skills flourish on stage before special introductions, panel discussions, awards ceremonies or masterclass career retrospectives. These are occasions where I can act as the ideal connection between the audience and the star guests.

It’s literally bringing the film to life, allowing movie-goers insights and access to behind-the-scenes stories which add huge value to the experience and open up the film to fresh interpretations and focusing the film’s themes and message.

If you need a red carpet taken care of, a live satellite link-up anchored or an awards ceremony hosted, please get in touch.

Here are just some of the great events I’ve presented recently: