Daniel Radcliffe, on-stage at Picturehouse Central for Swiss Army Man

Dan’s a huge star but he’s still Harry Potter to many. We’d decided over a drink beforehand that we wouldn’t mention the wizard until late on, so we focused in on the weirdness of Swiss Army Man (in which he plays a farting corpse). It’s a bonkers film, which the young audience had clearly loved – and if any among them hadn’t, they certainly wanted to talk about what they’d just seen. So I pumped Daniel for on-set stories, tales about the mysterious directors, and how he carried off several scenes. What emerged was a serious actor, dedicated to physical performance, and a nascent indie-movie talent, a young man obsessed by movies and intent on forging an interesting path for the rest of his career, even if some choices didn’t come off. By the time we mentioned Harry, it was clear to everyone in the room that this chapter of his life – and all of our lives – was well and truly in the past and that he was a different person now, a man with a vision, a girlfriend, his own life and a busy career. But also with an abiding sense of mischief.

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