Another film I’m very late to catch is CODA, which is a real crowd pleaser and heart warmer, but in the best way, because it actually does both those things, starring Emilia Jones as the only hearing girl in a family of deaf Cape Cod fisherpeople. Rather than stay in the family business, she really wants to sing, which of course her family can’t hear her do, so, it’s difficult but thanks to an inspirational school music teacher, things might change.

I know it’s cheesy, but I’m a sucker for a choir movie and any movie where a working class girl has a big audition for a posh establishment (Flashdance etc) and this one had me clicking along. There’s a lovely, star-making performance from Emilia Jones and it’s great to see Marlee Matlin performing again in an awards season movie for the first time since Children of a Lesser God back in 1986 (she’s still the youngest ever winner of the Best Actress Oscar, when she was 21).

I liked CODA very much, the sort of little indie film that could go all the way powered by good will and audience love (although, again, it wasn’t in cinemas very long this year to get that buzz going). But you can see it on Apple TV right now.