Pixar’s animations are so honed and beautiful, they’ve begun to leave me a little cold, struggling to pierce the CGI carapace of perfection.

This sprightly, bright and enjoyable Latin tale of a little boy on the ‘dia de los muertos’. who crosses over the the land of the dead in order to track down the Mexican guitar star who he thinks is his great great grandfather.

Adventures in skeletons and ghosts and spirit guides await, all done with great attention to detail and wondrous colour rendering. But the progression of plot begins to feel like a video game, something to be accomplished rather than an organic story.

Still, the boy learns the value of memory and family and doing what you feel you should. Again, there’s confusion on a few levels – if you should respect your family, how is going against their wishes noble? And also, if it’s the day of the dead and all the dead souls are crossing over to join the families in the land of the living for the day, why are there so many souls still in the land of the dead…? 

These are questions I’m sure the vast team of writers involved must have asked themselves during the years it took to make this, but seems to me some things get lost. Which is fine, but they still take a lot of explaining away and exposition is really boring in a cartoon.

Look, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Coco but it’s so perfectly packaged it forgot to look for a bit of heart and soul amid the message.

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