I’ll be on the red carpet at the BAFTAs this Sunday, presenting the BBC’s live coverage as the stars arrive. I’ll be with Jane Hill and fashion expert Jo Glynn-Smith filling you in on the favourites and their films.

You can watch it all live on BBC News from 1715-1830 and I’ll be back on BBC News at 2115 with a results show to digest the wins and tears.

Amanda-Berry-Jason-SolomonsI warmed up for the night with an interview with BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry (pictured) on the Robert Elms show yesterday in which she discussed everything from her outfit (Burberry) to the challenges of this particular season when diversity issues have plagued every awards show. You can listen to that interview here.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should make myself look faintly ridiculous by making a few predictions, which is always hard at the BAFTAs as you never can quite tell the mercurial whims of the 6,500 members who aren’t all just cinema types – you’ve got telly and gaming folk voting too.

I stress these are what I think will win, not necessarily what I think should win. I haven’t done every category, but here goes:

Best Film: The Revenant

Best British Film: Brooklyn

Best Actor: Leonardo di Caprio

Best Actress: Maggie Smith

Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance

Best supporting Actress: Kate Winslet

Outstanding British debut: Ex-Machina

Best Foreign Language Film: The Assassin

Best Documentary: Amy

Best Animated Feature: Inside Out

Best Director: Todd Haynes

Best original screenplay: Spotlight

Best adapted screenplay: Carol

Best music: The Hateful Eight

Best cinematography: The Revenant

Best Costume: Carol

EE Rising Star: John Boyega…

We’ll see how many I got right on Sunday. (I’ll be wearing Giorgio Armani by the way, though probably under a huge overcoat…)

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